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Find out if your property qualifies to be purchased through Roofstock.

Currently serving: Atlanta, Birmingham, Columbus,
Houston, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and San Antonio.

The property will be screened by Roofstock’s underwriting technology. If approved, we'll connect you with a vetted Roofstock local real estate agent who will email a private link granting you exclusive access to view the underwriting details and pro forma return projections just like in our marketplace.

Your expert Roofstock local real estate agent will assist you in reviewing the financials, answer any questions and help you through the process of submitting an offer through the Roofstock Marketplace.

How it works

For me, real estate investing is about creating a side, passive income stream.

Roofstock makes remote single-family home investing almost as simple as using a robo-advisor for stocks with their Bring Your Own Property program.

About us

Bring Your Own Property

Investors enjoy these key Roofstock benefits:

After you've submitted your offer, your Roofstock local real estate agent will assist in the negotiation process until your offer has been accepted. Once accepted, Roofstock’s team will assist you through the entire purchase process including post-close assistance. 

Roofstock is the #1 marketplace for buying and selling single-family rental properties.

The company was founded by industry veterans with extensive experience acquiring, renovating and managing more than $4 billion in homes for institutional investors.

With more than $1 billion in completed transactions since inception and 40,000 registered users, Roofstock provides resources to make ownership of investment real estate radically accessible, cost-effective and simple.

Submit a Property

Using the form on this page, submit the address you're considering purchasing as a rental property investment not currently listed in the Roofstock Marketplace. Please note: the program is currently only available in Atlanta, Birmingham, Columbus, Houston, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and San Antonio.

2 properties purchased in TN & TX
Colin W - San Francisco, CA


Do I have to be a Roofstock customer to submit a property?

No, anyone can submit a property. You will need to create a Roofstock account to purchase and enjoy the benefits of buying through Roofstock.

Once you’ve submitted your property, someone from the Roofstock team will contact you within four business days letting you know your approval status.

When will I know if the property is approved for purchase through Roofstock?

If my submitted property is approved by Roofstock, what happens next?

Roofstock will connect you with a expert local real estate agent who will help you through the process. The agent will also provide you with a private link to your exclusive listing.

From there, you’ll have two business days, from receiving your private link, to make an offer. If you don’t make an offer or if it isn’t accepted by the seller, the property may become available on the Roofstock Marketplace for everyone.

Please understand that until a formal contract is signed by you and the seller, the property is likely still being marketed through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and/or other publicly available platforms and may go under contract with someone else.

How much does Bring Your Own Property cost?

It’s free to submit your own property. If approved for purchase through Roofstock, and your offer is accepted by the seller, Roofstock’s standard marketplace fee applies, which is equal to 0.5% of the contract price or $500, whichever is higher.

What types of submitted properties are likely to be approved for purchase through Roofstock?

We use our standard Roofstock certification process in order to determine whether a property will qualify or not. In general, properties that pass certification are deemed to be strong investments in quality markets and have appealing characteristics, such as strong net yield or appreciation potential. Currently REOs, short sales and foreclosures do not qualify under this program.

How many properties can I submit per month?

While we're in beta, you can only submit up to ten properties per month.

Will I still get all the guarantees Roofstock provides if I decide to purchase through Roofstock’s Marketplace?

Yes, our industry leading Roofstock Guarantee will apply if your property is approved for purchase through the Roofstock Marketplace. This guarantee includes a 30-day money back guarantee and a rent guarantee if the property is vacant.

Why not just go through my own local real estate agent and do it the traditional way?

You can always go through your own local real estate agent to find and buy rental properties. With our Bring Your Own Property program, you get our fully vetted local real estate agent plus our 30-day money back guarantee, our rent guarantee for vacant homes, a free inspection (~$500 value), the same technology we use to underwrite and analyze homes for investment potential and Roofstock’s support through the entire purchase process.

Have more questions?

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#1 ranking based on website traffic from Alexa.com as of 7/31/18. Over $1 billion in transactions since 1/26/16 as of 1/1/18.

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Trusted Platform

Over $1B in completed transactions and the #1 marketplace for buying and selling single-family rental properties.

Roofstock Guarantee

30-day money back guarantee and guaranteed rent on vacant properties.*

Why Roofstock

Full Service

End-to-end expert support from offer submission to purchase completion and full assistance after you close.

  • Data science and proprietary tech showing a home’s return potential.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Rent guarantee on vacant homes.
  • Free inspection of the property (~$500 value).

*Roofstock's standard terms and conditions apply.

Buy any investment home with confidence. Now you can tap Roofstock’s proprietary analytics, underwriting and offer management capabilities on-demand. 

What happens if I don’t submit an offer after two business days?

The property may become publicly available on the Roofstock Marketplace.